CO2 Reduction by Trees
 Forests help stabilizing the climate.
 Trees breathe in CO2 and Oxygen out.


Ingenious wood properties

Wood is brilliant, in many ways!

Forests help stabilizing our climate

Lolly as a symbol of sweets
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2), better known as greenhouse gas is a toxin, climate pollutant or perhaps something important?
  • Trees like sweets – just as everyone does. Trees make their own candies and they prefer dextrose.
  • Can you believe, each kilogram of wood lowers the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere by 1.65 kilograms of CO2?
  • Had you thought, that Australia’s forests grow enough wood to produce 1.3 tonnes of lumber each second.
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Wood is a natural source of energy

Battery as a symbol of energy storage capacity
  • Wood is a renewable resource and all areas harvested in Australia are regrown.
  • Timber can bind carbon for several hundreds of years and once it cannot be used anymore it is still a source of energy.
  • An amazing amount of 5.5 kWh of pure energy is stored in every kilogram of wood.
  • By using timber instead of other building materials, the CO2 content of the air can even be further reduced.
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Timber is an excellent building material

Bearer as a symbol of strength
  • Timber can reduce the energy consumption during the construction, the operation and maintenance of buildings.
  • Timber is strong, it can carry 14 times the load that steel is able to carry and at the same time it is resistant like reinforced concrete.
  • Wood is easy to maintain, persistent and functional. Wood is a natural product that smells good, sounds good and feels good.
  • Timber structures are weather resistant, withstand fire attacks and earthquakes.
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