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Outdoor Timber Decks Perth WA

Why is wooden decking so attractive?

Timber Decking has experienced a boost in acceptance as a way to improve the look of houses, gardens and to get the best out of the property across Perth WA and Australia.

Wood deck and step surrounded by garden landscapeIncluding timber decks in landscaping designs is a unique and elegant way to cultivate the garden and to create enjoyable outdoor space. Timber Decks can be used from the internal to the outer regions of verandahs and balconies. It can be used for caravan decking, outdoor decking at pups and restaurants or to build landings, ramps and wooden footpaths. By integration of features such as wood planters, lighting or outdoor seating, timber decks can get even more individual and interesting.

Wood structures are also suitable for wet areas, close to swimming pools or spas. As a natural character wood absorbs water quickly and usually the surface of the wooden boards won’t be slippery unless there is dirt on the decking boards. Often people who are looking for landscaping ideas and garden designs consider the construction of an outdoor deck as a good solution.

Timber decking in particular has proven to be as practical as easy to build and because of its natural resistance it does not require a lot of maintenance. The climate of Perth WA is great for timber decking. Almost every gardener, from beginner to experienced handyman can create useful and attractive timber decks. However, to ensure the structural stability and durability it is often better to ask a professional deck builder. We at CannyLiving are experts in creating elegant and custom designed decks according to the wishes of our customers and we are happy to give free advice.

The biggest advantages of timber decks

Outdoor decking is an elegant and natural choice for Perth gardens. May it be hardwood or softwood, it doesn’t really respond to the sunshine and does not absorb too much of heat. It is always comfortable to walk on barefoot. It is never too hot and never too cold.

Wood decking encircles a tree in the centreWooden decking is a marvellous place to sit or to lie. Not too hard but very clean. It is also very practical as it does not only increase the value of your property but it can also turn unused outdoor space into a pleasant area that invites to enjoy, to remain, to relax and entertain family and friends or it is just a beautiful place for dining and for children to play – that is canny living.

Timber garden decks are flexible structures that need little maintenance and can be located to suit you, your family and your property. Timber decks can become beautiful wooden islands of your Perth backyard.

The best place for timber decking

Proper designed outdoor decks are strong, weather-resistant, durable and require little maintenance. Well thought-out timber decking designs can extend your living area seamlessly into the great outdoors of Perth and enrich the appearance of your home. Wooden decking can create a relaxing atmosphere and give you a pinch of holiday feeling.

Raised deck between stone stepsRaised decks are ideal for sloping blocks. Levelling an uneven block of land with dirt and gravel can be very costly in Perth. And even if the dirt is finally in place and levelled, it still needs some kind of finish like concrete, pavers or even just grass. This is where timber decking designs can be a real alternative to concrete patios and paving.

In addition timber decking offers a solid and clean surface which is softer than concrete and very comfortable to walk on. The plane surfaces of timber decks are great areas to put outdoor dining furniture and barbecues.

Wood is an excellent material for alfresco areas

Wood is weather resistant by nature and outlasts exposure to sun and rain for decades. To understand the unique aspects of wood you need to remember that the timber has once been a living tree. An essential characteristic of trees is the ability to absorb and release moisture which is an awesome biological attribute.

Timber structures still have this ability but to transform wood into a reliable, inherently stable substance and to increase the durability it needs to be dry. That in fact makes the dry climate of Perth WA perfect for using wood as an outdoor building material and for building garden decks.

Wood is a great material to build verandahs and timber decks in Perth WA. Wood is not only visually appealing but also has many practical advantages over concrete or tiles. Steel, concrete and even plastic as construction materials do have their advantages too, but they can’t deliver that kind of natural experience.

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