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  • Construction, deck cleaning, maintenance and repair.
  • Timber decking, privacy screens, fences and more.
  • Design and professional drawings.
  • Tailored assistance and supply for DIY projects.
  • Free advice, free design, free quotes.
  • Services to residential and commercial clients.
Drawing of timber deck design

We offer simple and effective designs

Every new project is different, so we start with an initial consultation. Often, new ideas can be generated at this stage. After this customised meeting we develop drawings to eliminate any possible confusion. A clear design will help you to get a good idea of how your wood deck or fence will look like when it is finished and it will help us to estimate the price.

Most timber decks do not need building permits but we recommend you ask the people at your local council to avoid any trouble after the project is finished. Our provided designs make it easy to explain what you propose to build and we can even be of further assistance if required.

Building a deck starts with the frame.As soon as you are happy with the design and you wish to go forward with the project, we start the construction process. And naturally we clean up the site and remove all our materials and off cuts when we finish. We believe any structure we built and any renovation or maintenance we did, is on top level of quality and longevity. Often our workmanship exceeds expectations, however if for example the timber deck, or any part thereof, should not perform the way it is to expect over time, we will offer to repair the defects.

Deck cleaning, maintenance and repair

Timber decking before and after maintenance

Well designed, regularly cleaned and maintained timber structures promise high performance for a long time. We offer deck cleaning and maintenance services for all outdoor timber structures, guaranteeing that your investment is protected and appreciated each year.

Many old timber decks, screens or fences do not need to be replaced by a new one. Often our restoration and maintenance service is sufficient to give these structures a fresh look. Cleaning, perhaps some repairs or deck restoration and the subsequent treatment with decking oil can significantly increase the service life and save the money of replacing the wood structure.

DIY Decking Projects

If desired we can assist you with your decking project.
For example we can:

  • create drawings if that is beneficial or required for council approval.
  • prepare a plan and layout of all material, dimensions, footing sizes and locations.
  • estimate material costs for different species and types of decking.
  • arrange the order and delivery of all materials.
  • We can even help you during the entire installation process.

General info

Owner and Manager

“Hi, I am Herman, owner and manager of CannyLiving as well as a qualified engineer with substantial knowledge and experience of building materials and construction. If you are interested in prices contact me. Sometimes it is possible to calculate a ballpark figure of price if I get some details about the job by email. That is easy, saves time and enables a rough assessment whether the project is within your budget. I am also happy to come by for a site visit and have a look what needs to be done; that makes it also possible to write a more precise quote.

My quotes are usually maximum price based - unless you don’t want that. In other words, the final price for the agreed services can be cheaper but never be more expensive. Normally invoices are often up to 10% more expensive than the quote because of incidents which were not considered before – this is my risk. You can be assured there will be no hidden costs or surprises at the end of the job.”

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Here is a directory of the WA Local Government websites. That is a good place to find information about building approvals.

More info about building regulations is on the Building Commission website.