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 General attributes of garden fences.
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Wood fences Perth

Wood deck and step surrounded by garden landscape

Fitting of Timber Fences - Perth WA, Australia

Solid privacy timber fence

Timber Fence advantage

Fences provide space and outline space. A fence is usually used to define and separate properties from others but often it is much more than just a border. A fence can offer privacy from curious neighbours, it can provide safety for land and home, it can outline a safe area for the kids to play and the fence is also an important design element for backyard and garden.

Fences can be built of different materials – the timber fence however is the natural choice. Timber fences form the overall picture of a garden, a plot of land or a building. The wooden fence is unique because of its appearance with its "warm" look and the natural wood texture.

Standard border timber fence

Things to be considered

There is a variety of available wood species as well as different fence designs. A wood fence can have its individual design and will hardly ever look boring.

A Colorbond fence may give you the feeling of privacy and safety. A timber fence will make you feel at home.

Wood is beautiful and cheap but because it is a natural product, the regular care and treatment with wood preservatives is recommended and that may make wooden fences more time-consuming in terms of maintenance.

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