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Fence - Pergola - Arbour

How to build a timber fence, patio cover or pergola

DIY bamboo fence design

Timber fences are easy to build and a competent handy-person should be able to achieve an acceptable and functional result. Read more about timber fences.

Modern timber pergolas are beautiful in design, affordable in price and enjoy increasing popularity in Australia. In contrast to a gazebo or garden pavilion, a pergola is a garden building that can be attached to a house, does not necessarily have a cover or walls and therefore does not protect from rain and only limited from sunshine and wind. So the main reason for building a pergola is to make your backyard landscape design more interesting, define walkways, provide a space to rest and relax or complement the landscape by adding climbing plants. Even easier to build is an arbour, enter the backyard through a beautiful arbour designed to add character to your garden. A walkthrough garden structure that can be covered with climbing shrubs or vines.

DIY tips – fence & pergola or patio cover

We recommend you start by designing your pergola, patio cover or wood fence on paper. Draw your project to scale and both, elevation and plan view plus a part of the adjacent garden or house. This can show how well the fence or patio cover fits in your garden. A detailed drawing looking from above and a view from the front at the fence or the planned pergola including all posts, beams and rafters will assist you to contrive new design ideas, helps making a list of materials and it allows an easier price estimation. And finally, don’t forget to obtain the relevant permits and approvals.

Below is a range of free to view or to download PDF files to assist your DIY project. The provided guidelines concentrate on how to build a patio cover, a pergola and how to build a timber fence. Please click on the PDF or HTML symbol in front of the brief description to view and download the plans.

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That is a gate!
Impressive arbour entrance and wood gate

What a terrific gate, although it is certainly not suitable for every property and also not really recommended as a DIY project. In reality at least 10 times more impressive than the photo but it’s not the entrance of a property in the Perth Hills, it takes a trip to the Rocky Mountains to see that in full size.

Large gate made of logs

The dwarf in front of the gate is actually me. Overall dimensions round 8 metres high by 15 metres wide. The gate is fully automatic and the tree stump in front of it is used to operate it or to contact the owner.