DIY - How to build a timber deck
Step by step deck building instructions
PDF & HTML plans free to download.


How to build a deck

Build yourself a deck in Australia

Bob is building a deck

For hobby gardeners and handy persons garden decks and wood verandas are all the rage. Proper designed, the buildings are durable, weather resistant and strong.

The Net is a great source of information on anything and everyone but usually it is difficult to filter search results according to the most relevant. After some research we found quite a few useful how to build wooden decks instructions. They are all free and can be helpful in some way.

If you really want to do it yourself and build a timber deck, then read at least some of the provided DIY decking directions. Grab pencil, paper, ruler and design your garden project as good as you can. Draw a view looking down on the timber deck (plan view) and draw another view looking at the deck from the front (elevation). Draw the deck to scale and it will give you an idea of what it will look like later. Draw a plan of the joist and bearer structure below the decking boards and you will be able to determine the amount and sizes of timber you need and estimate the price. And of course ensure you obtain all the relevant authority permits and approvals. Take your time and enjoy doing something for yourself.

Note: we can support your DIY project at any level or arrange the supply of material. Check out our Services page for more information.

DIY information on how to build a deck

The following DIY info booklets are all free to view and download PDF or HTML files. Illustrated and easy to follow instructions guide you through the construction process. They have also information on how to build stairs and balustrades.

Click on the PDF or HTML symbol in front of the brief description to view and download the files. Not all of the brochures come from Australia but they are still incredible handy for building a deck. If you also found a good DIY timber decking guide, feel free to email us the link and we will put it on this page.


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