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How to clean a deck?

Wood care and exterior wood preservative

Different decking oil products

UV-light is the cause for the greying of the wood surface, therefore the more colour pigments in a decking oil or wood stain the better the protection from UV-light. But what is the best wood preservative? Below is a range of paint suppliers and manufacturers to assist your decision. Suitable for outdoor wood treatment is exterior paint, outdoor wood stain and decking oil.

Find out about basic differences of timber finishes.

Weathered wood - how to clean a deck?

Before decking oil or other wood preservatives are applied, the deck should be cleaned thoroughly. Most paint suppliers sell special wood cleaners for outdoor timber which make it easier to clean a deck. These deck cleaners do not cause reaction with or failure of following wood finishes and are bio-degradable. A deck cleaner is excellent for cleaning of dirt, grime, oxidised paint, mould, fungi, moss and decayed material from old timber decking or remove tannin of new timber. Best results are gained by applying the decking cleaner generously on a prior moistened area. Let the cleaner solution dwell on the surface for 10 - 15 minutes and prevent it from drying out. Use a scouring pad or a broom with stiff bristles and scrub the timber vigorously. Finally rinse off the surface with a garden hose. Although the wood cleaner is designed to not damage vegetation it is best to prevent it from getting to plants or into the pool as good as possible.

Note: if desired we are more than happy to help with your outdoor wood care project. Check out our Services page for more information.

DIY wood preservation

Below are DIY brochures and information of paint suppliers, all free to view and download PDF or HTML files. Easy to follow instructions will help choosing the right product, tell about necessary wood preparation and explain how to apply the exterior paint correctly to save the money for expensive painter services.

Click on the PDF or HTML symbol in front of the brief description to view and download the files. Some are comprehensive DIY wood care instructions and others may just show the product range of paint suppliers.


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Paint brush to apply decking oil
How to apply decking oil?

Of course, the desire is always to make work as easy as possible and the manufacturers promise that their decking oil applicator works best – they want to sell it after all.

We have tried different methods, applicator pads, applicator broom and spraying. However, the best results were achieved with a simple brush. A brush enables accurate work and reaches down further in the gaps between the boards.

In our experience, all other methods mainly coat the top surface and hardly the sides in the gaps. Spraying is easy but you need to be careful. The spray mist can affect walls, doors or other objects nearby.